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La gazette de Les

Plus Amusant que Vous

13 February 1976
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[Commission a short piece]

Commission a short piece

I'm working on an album of pieces around 1 minute in length. I expect it to be done in two or
three months. It is possible for you (yes, you!) to commission a piece on the album. You as the
commissioner get to name the piece. Your role as titler and commissioner will be mentioned in the
program notes. You will get a copy of the pice emailed to you in the audio format of your choice
(MP3, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless, AAC) and have 5 days in which to come up with a title (I reserve
the right to nix titles that I deem offensive). I retain copyright, but will release the piece under a
share music licence, which thus grants you the rights to make copies for your friends and share
it via your website (More Information . . . )

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I am all over the internets: I have a real blog, a podcast, a flickr feed, a photo library, a del.icio.us list, a mySpace page, a a vanity domain and am on freindster, tribe net, orkut, etc and probably have web stuff I've forgotten about.
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